All the Pain Money Can Buy a Great Pitch from Fastball

March 10th marks the release of FASTBALL'S sophomore album titled All The Pain Money Can Buy. The Austin, Texas trio brings to the scene a great pop/rock sound that is mixed with their traditional guitar sound. By adding horns along with some synthisizer beats this is sure to be a hit album.

FASTBALL hit the scene with their 1996 debut Make Your Mama Proud. Their newest release takes a jump in the opposite direction from their first album which was more of a fast, loud, dark lyric display of their music.Miles Zuniga, vocalist/guitarist explains that "it's all about taking risks."

FASTBALL is composed of three members which include lead vocalist/guitarist Miles Zuniga, bassist/vocalist Tony Scalzo, and drummer Joey Shuffield. The trio has put together an impressive package this round as All The Pain Money Can Buy offers 13 solid cuts which include the hit single "The Way". It also offers an insight on their musical creativity along with a definite showmanship of maturity.

FASTBALL, which was formerly known as MAGNETO before changing their name shortly before their freshman release has shown that they are ready to make the jump up in the music world.

Be ready for All The Pain Money Can Buy as it will hit a store near you on the 10th of March. For more information on FASTBALL you can check out their label's site at

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