Fire Escape

"While Fastball's second single, "Fire Escape," hasn't exactly ignited the radio stations yet, the buzz is strong for the song's new video to be a hit. Look for the new mini-movie, described by band publicist Sharrin Summers as "dark and gruesome," to begin airing on MTV just days after the band rolls through town(Austin) as part of Saturdays' HORDE Festival. The premise of the video is indeed macabre. It involves an obsessed, young, female Fastball fan(Hey, it's fiction) who is keeping the members of the band to herself. It appears she kidnapped them and killed them. The final format of the video is actually a toned-down version of the original, Summers said, "Because MTV didn't want to appear to be condoning such behavior." The video may be just what the doctor ordered, as the band heads to Europe in September following the HORDE tour and then will begin playing its own headlining gigs around the country. "They can't wait to start their own tour and play their full sets," Summers said. "They've been playing these 45-minute gigs for too long." Look for that round of dates to begin in Austin in mid- October."

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