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Good morning everyone!
We are here LIVE at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California site of the 41st Annual GRAMMY Awards.

We will be talking with many, many, MANY artists, musicians, and actors today. You never KNOW who might just drop by to say hi. Currently we are scheduled to talk with: Jermaine DuPri, Fastball, Jon Tesh, Meatloaf, Keb' Mo', Crystal Bernard, Brian Wilson, Kenny Wayne Sheppard, Kurt Elling, Marilyn Scott and much more...

Between 9:30am - 6:30pm PT there will be a constant stream of guest artists coming by to tell you how rehearsals are going, what they think of this year's nominations and to take YOUR questions.

In the meantime, don't forget to check out We've got celebrity spot cams, Web Central Cams Audio chats with Westwood One Live video of rehearsals, and of course, CHAT with your favorite artists.

Fastball consists of Miles Zuniga, Tony Scalzo, and Joey Shuffield. Originally from Austin, TX the Trio have each been in various Texas Bands.

Now their nominated for two GRAMMY Awards: Best Rock Performance and Best Long Form Music Video.

Welcome, please, FASTBALL!

AskGRAMMYS: Thunderbird1 says: Thanks for being with us today! How are you enjoying the excitement of the GRAMMYS this week?

FASTBALL: Miles: It's really exciting, but you's just sort of getting started today. We're just getting into the atmosphere. We've seen Celine Dion, Bono, and Pavarotti! A lotta lungs in one place.

AskGRAMMYS: rocknrappen says: What is foremost on your mind when you into the studio to begin a new album?

FASTBALL: Miles: Coffee.
FASTBALL: Tony: Well, it's been a while...
FASTBALL: Miles: We may be heading back into the studio in late summer.

AskGRAMMYS: butterfly__1 says: How did you get your first album?

FASTBALL: Tony: We had a friend in Austin who sent in a tape of ours to a friend at Hollywood records.
FASTBALL: Joey: He came out to see us play, liked what he heard and we had a recording contract!

AskGRAMMYS: jansen says: How does it feel to be nominated for not one but TWO GRAMMY awards?

FASTBALL: Miles, we're actually nominated for two awards.
FASTBALL: I heard that this is the first time Madonna has been that true? Wow that would be so wild if it's true... someone out there let us know!

AskGRAMMYS: shep says: Are you still on tour? If so where are you headed to next? Will you be at the GRAMMYS?

FASTBALL: Miles: we're about to go on tour with the Goo Goo Dolls...
FASTBALL: Joey: right now we're doing Award shows. We're playing Cincinnati on Thursday
FASTBALL: Tony: It's the "Glamour Tour" LOL We're flying to Mexico City soon and gonna play there as well.

AskGRAMMYS: guest-justanillusion says: what's the best thing about being on the road, and the worst thing?

FASTBALL: Tony: The worst thing about being on the road: You get used to people making your bed in the morning, and getting folks picking up after you. When I get home, my house is quickly a mess.
FASTBALL: Miles: The best thing about being on the road is room service!

AskGRAMMYS: hottman16 says: when s ur new CD coming out?

FASTBALL: Miles; not sure, we don't go into the studio until summer.

AskGRAMMYS: guest-carlos says: I'm from Brazil! Do you have any Brazilian influences in your music?

FASTBALL: Yes we do, but they're unschooled.

AskGRAMMYS: lilbittyone says: Do you produce your videos as well?

FASTBALL: Miles: we're up for an award for a long form video a "day in the life" sort of piece. We only produced it in that we're in it...but that's about the extent of our production in the whole thing. The director was Andy Timoner actually

AskGRAMMYS: josiey says: Are you all still located in Austin? Is 6th Street still kickin? What's new and hot down there?

FASTBALL: Joey: Tony and I still live in Austin, Miles is in LA. 6th street is still where a lot of folks go to party.
FASTBALL: Tony: They just had Mardi Gras down there. The clubs are still kickin.

AskGRAMMYS: bigfan says: Your videos are crazy and fun! What is it like when shooting a video? And are you really racing around singing the song?

FASTBALL: Tony: It depends. The second video we did, we didn't do much of anything... just laid there. The performance part of that video we played in one place. When I'm singing a song on the video, we're really singing.
FASTBALL: Miles: yeah me too.
FASTBALL: Joey: we're not really playing the instruments, but we are singing.
FASTBALL: Miles: We may have just laid around in that second video but that was hard work. Trying to be still, laying there with contact lenses in your eyes. Tony was laying in water freezing...
FASTBALL: Joey: we had chickens and other barnyard animals wandering around. It was wild.

AskGRAMMYS: d-I-a-n-n-a says: To Fastball: Do you like Marilyn Manson

FASTBALL: Miles: I used too...back in the old days when he was SCARY...

FASTBALL: Tony: He's too accessible now

FASTBALL: Miles: I liked him better when he was mysterious and threatening... It's like he's gone Hollywood now.

FASTBALL: Joey: Not as interesting.

AskGRAMMYS: guest-chairman says: Fastball, did you guys think 'the way' was going to be the big single from your album?

FASTBALL: Miles: No we didn't
FASTBALL: Tony: Sure we did.
FASTBALL: Joey: Our manager picked the song as our first song of the album.We didn't actually make that decision. He's got a good ear for the cash it's cool

AskGRAMMYS: mysterygirl says: What does it feel like to be up on the stage, is it different than a year ago? What goes through your minds?

FASTBALL: Miles: It's a lot different, there are people there now.
FASTBALL: Joey: Yeah, they even know the songs now.
FASTBALL: Tony: A good night is when nothing really goes through your mind... but the music.
FASTBALL: Miles: Yeah, on a bad night you're thinking..>New Castle, or Red Hook?
AskGRAMMYS: guest-chona says: You have been nominated for the Best Long Form Video for: "They wanted the highway". Were you expecting to reach here?

FASTBALL: Miles: Not for that! I think it's a really good piece but I was surprised.
FASTBALL: Joey: Yeah, we didn't even know it was a category.
FASTBALL: Tony: So we didn't' make it to get nominated.
FASTBALL: Miles: We made the video just so folks could see the band and see what we're like. Just like our single...we did nothing with commercial intent... we did it for fun, for good music, for the fans.
FASTBALL: Joey: thanks for all the questions folks, we've gotta run

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