Having their Way

  • Hometown: Austin, Tex.
  • Latest Album: All The Pain Money Can Buy
  • Reason youíve noticed them: Their Tex-Mex-tinged alt-rock hit "The Way," an infectious novelty tune that conspicuously nicks itís best bit from Elvis Costelloís "Two Little Hitlers"
  • How they would describe their sound if they were rock critics: "The Beatles meet Freddie Fender and go see the Boomtown Rats play," says lead singer Ė guitarist Miles Zuniga (the other band members are bassit Ė vocalist Tony Scalzo, who sings lead on "The Way," and drummer Joey Shuffield).
  • How we would describe their sound: Rootsy guitar pop with hints of the Beatles, lots of Costello, and nary a trace of the Boomtown Rats
  • Target demographic: College kids whoíve recently tossed away their copies of last yearís hit novelty album, Squirrel Nut Zippers
  • Hot Fashion Sense: All the thrift Ė store threads money can buy Triumphant tale of how they beat the odds: "It was just luck," admits Zuniga. "I mean, I think the recordís really good and the song is really good, but there are plenty of bands that have all that. The odds are pretty astronomically high. The timing has to be right."
  • Funky fact: The band is named after their favorite skin flick. "Itís a typical porno movie," says Zuniga, "but itís about baseball. Itís like a really raunchy Bull Durham."
  • If this band were a breakfast cereal, they would be: Wheaties Stock quote on the pitfalls of fame: "Iím not really famous," says Zuniga. "At the gig Iím famous, but outside of the gig Iím not. At this point the worst thing is having to get up really early."
  • Lead singersí instant charisma ratings (out of a possible five): 3 (for both singers)
  • Albums that never leave the tape player on the tour bus: Tom Waits, Small Change; America, History: Americaís Greatest Hits; The Birthday Party, Hits
  • Whatís next: A second single, "Fire Escape," winding up a tour with Everclear and Marcy Playground, and joining H.O.R.D.E. in August

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