Miles Zuniga

The TV producers in L.A. had it all wrong. Before anyone even heard of Fastballís crazy, mega-catchy single, "The Way," guitarist and vocalist Miles Zuniga was just another struggling musician trying to hold down a good-paying day job. He was an extra.

You can bet those same producers are kicking themselves now knowing they limited one of the song-writing members of Fastball to playing mindless roles in the background instead of playing guitar.

But there is the possibility of a second chance. Plenty of opportunities should be available to shoot more Fastball videos, since their latest effort, All The Pain Money Can Buy, has many more crazy, mega-catchy tunes on it.

And while theyíre filming, those big-wig producers should consider something else: Get this guy his own show.

Zunigaís funny, talented and intelligent (except when it comes to doing complex math problems in his head). We hope they donít drop the ball again. Just read on and youíll catch the drift.

Zuniga on working as a TV extra:

"I was only doing that to surviveÖ I moved to L.A. in November and it gelled with my creativity. As an extra all you do is sit around all day. You donít really act; youíre in the shot; youíre like a piece of furniture."

On Sliders (no, not the pitch this time):

"I remember working as an extra on a particularly shitty show: Sliders. Workiní on it was the worst. No organization. It was so miserable, I said, 'I want to leave early.' So I split, drove home and our A&R guy phoned to tell us that things were going really, really well: [Everybody] was excited [about "The Way"]. So I said, 'Fuck it: Iím not gonna go back; Iím not gonna work as an extra again.'"

On playing in a trio:

"Well, weíre a four-piece on the road now because thereís just too many parts and intricate stuff. But a trio is flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants and bare bones. Every piece is so integral; everybody is so important, and if anyone falls down on the job, then itís glaring.

On the big live shows:

"Itís just daunting, manÖ Youíre supposed to be entertaining [laughs]. And meanwhile, itís almost like some sort of street riot!"

On moshing:

"The ideal mix is when the audience is enthusiastic but doesnít feel the need to shove the person next to them or step over somebody. I think moshing should now be designated a sport, just like wrestling. And when you buy a ticket to a show, theyíll offer you a choice: 'Do you want moshing or non-moshing?' If you pick non-moshing, you get a seat guaranteed to be free from any of that bullshit. If you pick a ticket for moshing, theyíll lead you to this pit that is designed for this purpose, with padding on the wallsÖ No helmet; you just sign a waiver. I think that would solve everybodyís problem."

On what he does after touring:

"It doesnít really matter what I do or where I go as long as I donít move. All the time. Just sitting someplace a long time would be nice."

On trying to figure out how many shows Fastballís done on tour:

"Oh, I donít know. Itís been three months and six days. Itís six days a week, so letís say three times four is twelve. No, itís been four months. Sixteen times four is what? Sixteen weeks. No, that doesnít make any sense. Itís been four months, so thereís what, four weeks to a month time six days [punching button sounds]Ö Iíve got an adding machine. So that adds up to, what, sixteen times six? This thing wonít clear. Itís useless. Anyhow, weíve been on the road for a long time."

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