All the Pain Money Can Buy - Fastball

I'm not much on researching musical groups' histories, but as far as i know, this is Fastball's only release. I must say, for a first album, it's damn solid. There isn't a weak track all the way through. It starts off with the well known, well-played track, "The Way", and I love every 4 minutes and sixteen seconds of that song! Every other track after that just flows like clockwork. I tried to find something wrong...something that i just didn't like. But you know what? I couldn't! One song on here that's a special favorite of mine is "Out of my Head". Yes, it is quite short, and only seems to have one verse, and the rest is all chorus, but it's so amazing! I love to sing along with that's fun, and the words aren't hard to memorize! Something about this band that I like a lot, and would like to see other bands trying, is the way they do their vocals. They have no "lead" singer. The guitar player, Miles Zuniga, and bass player Tony Scalzo alternate pretty much back and forth throughout the album on lead vocals. It makes for an interesting sound, even though they do sound quite similar. Joey Shuffield adds a very nice touch on drums. It's not to overwhelming as many bands are doing it these days. He plays in a band..he isn't the band. It appears as though Fastball has hit a gold mine with this album, because it appeals to so many generations. My dad AND my grandpa like it! That's gotta count for something! Just one last thing...if that's all the pain money can buy, then there either isn't much pain in this world, or pain comes DAMN cheap! My personal rating: ****1/2

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