Alternative punk-pop trio Fastball was born in 1994 from the rock womb of Austin, Texas to guitarist/vocalist Miles Zuniga, bassist Tony Scalzo and drummer Joey Shuffield. Known as Magneto USA until 1996, the band's specialty is tense guitar rock, bursting with just the right amount of sweetness and savagery. The band's 1997 Hollywood release Make Your Mama Proud showcases the band's sardonic humor and punch-like chords; supercharged from the moment it opens with the spunky single, "Human Torch" all the way through to the end.

The trio first began when Austin native and ex-Wild Seed drummer Joey Shuffield introduced Texan Miles Zuniga to Orange County punker Tony Scalzo. Shuffield and Scalzo played together in Austin's Beaver Nelson's Band prior to forming Fastball. The three hit it off immediately and started out on a tour with major-label pop-punksters Big Car. The trio attributes their signature style to their comparable musical tastes and influences, which range from Elvis Costello to AC/DC.

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