Fastball Unravels Life's Mysteries, Plans Next Video

When their immediately infectious ditty "The Way" became a hit, the guys in Fastball suddenly learned the answers to a few of life's great burning mysteries... like, "Why are rock stars are such babies?"

"Are you ready for this?," Fastball guitarist/vocalist Miles Zuniga said before laying his findings on MTV News' John Norris at last weekend's HFStival in Washington, D.C.

"I've discovered this, having gone from being just a regular Joe to... I don't wanna' say I'm a rock star, but I know why they become such babies. It's because you don't get to sleep. And you don't really get to eat very much. So you take those two things away, and you find yourself complaining about the most trivial things. 'What! There's no Guinness? Aaaaaahhhhhh!!'"

In a more serious note, Zuniga noted that the band had selected "Fire Escape" to be their next video, and said that the band is currently planning the video for it.

"So any of you videomakers out there who haven't sent us a treatment, feel free," Zuniga said.

Fastball is currently on the road with fellow modern rock favs Everclear and Marcy Playground.

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