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Fastball: Hey This is Tony and Miles from Fastball. How is everyone doing?

Ritabuonarroti : I think you're an awesome band. Who and what inspired you to put Fastball together?

Miles: The three of have been playing music our whole lives. This was just another band in a series of bands for everyone involved.

GoddessOfWeird : Who thought of your name and why is it Fastball?

Fastball: Tony: Its only Fastball cause its the name that we came up with in a hurry that we all didnít hate.

Miles: We needed to come up with a name fast. The record was set to be packaged and they didnít know what to call us.

Fuel101 : You guys are a great new band. I wanted to know, what is the story behind the song "warm fuzzy feeling"? You guys Rock!

Fastball: Tony: I wrote that song about seeing a guy who is a friend of mine named Ben Kweller on television with his band Radish and in the video for their song "Little Pink Stars." He is wearing a Fastball T-shirt.

Kritter_1980 : What ever happened to the couple in your song? Ya know the couple from Texas.

Fastball: Tony: We have no answer.

Wala98 : Where did you get the idea for "The Way?"

Fastball: Tony: well I got the idea for that song from a newspaper article about a couple who disappears. It was inspired by it but not about that. Also I have nothing against the fan who asked its just difficult to answer.

GoddessOfWeird : How long did it take to think of the lyrics and record the album All The Pain Money Can Buy?

Fastball: Miles: The lyrics were finished by the time we made the record. Once we got the go ahead to make another record, it took us two months at the most to do the record, and one month to mix and record the record. We had to rehearse and all that as well. We didnít really bother to learn the songs that well. You donít need to make a record.

I_dont_care_where_just_far : Do you enjoy touring with Everclear?

Fastball: Yes they are a great live band and they have been nothing but really cool to us. And the crowd is great to and we get to open for them.

I_dont_care_where_just_far : What do you have planned for the "Fire Escape" video?

Fastball: Miles: Last time I jumped off a building. This time I am going to set myself on fire. If they let me.

Kris_lauren : Fastball is from Austin, Texas, right?

Fastball: Yes.

Alyson14 : What does, "Anyone can see the road that they walk on is paved in gold" mean? Fastball: Tony: This is too hard for me. They are just lines to a song. What it means to me, is that when somebody goes off somewhere, its okay cause the road is paved with gold.

NinO_BoMbA_ : Hello, under what categories do you classify yourselves?

Fastball: Tony: musical band.

Miles: Rock n roll. We donít really like to be classified. People like to do that I guess. But for you to have to classify yourself it doesnít feel goo its like being put in a box or something

Gwyn369 : Is this your first CD?

Fastball: No its our second. Our first also on Hollywood Records is called Make your Momma Proud.

The_Tedder : What effects have the Texas music scene (Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash) had on your own music?

Fastball: Tony: As far as my songwriting, Willie is a very big influence we have always listened to his records. He has inspired me to be prolific as a songwriter and put out a body of work that is high quality as well as high in numbers.

Miles: People like Willie loom large in my mind. Number one cause of how long it took him to become successful. He went through a lot of low periods in his life. He even laid himself down on a road in the snow in Nashville and waited for a car to run him over. That is how low Willie got. So for him to have rebounded from that and become successful and become an American Icon was very inspiring for me. It was something that he had to do. He has made 60 records! So people like that really give you a sense of perspective.

Lyma_Beyeyn : How, or what, are you guys doing' to ensure that you aren't going to become another one-hit-wonder?

Fastball: Tony: We have already done what we can do which is make a record that has a bunch of songs that are really good. Its up to everyone else now. We feel good about it. Hopefully everyone or someone will like it.

Fuel101 : If you could tour with any band which would it be? And why?

Fastball: Tony: I want to tour with the Pumpkins - cause they are huge!

Miles: Headlining and taking bands that we like would be interesting. I wouldnít mind touring with Garbage. It isnít who you are on the bill with its about who the people in the band are. And what they are like. Its fun to tour with people who like to have a good time. You see their set 10 times and that is as much as you can watch it unless you are touring with Willie Nelson.

I_dont_care_where_just_far : What is your favorite song to perform?

Fastball: Miles: I have 4 favorites "She Comes Round," "Outta My Head," "Sooner Or Later" and I like to play the big hit.

Tony: Those were exactly MY four choices as well!

Lyma_Beyeyn : Were you guys stunned by your sudden success?

Fastball: Tony: I was. I am still being stunned. I am stunned everyday.

Miles: I am just amazed at how hot and cold things can run in this biz. We are having quite a laugh right now its pretty stunning.

Amanda_ThE_AmAzInG_TaLkInG_KoW__ : What is the most hilarious moment on stage that you all have experienced?

Fastball: Tony: I cant think of one. Miles: We have had a lot when we werenít on stage they are funny now. But they werenít funny when they were happening. There was the time we drove 24 hours straight to play a punk show for these bored punk/skinhead kids who out numbered us 20-1 and they looked and acted like they were going to beat us up. There was a time that Matthew Sweet knocked me into the monitors on the stage when I was playing with him.

Lyma_Beyeyn : Do you guys have girlfriends?

Fastball: Tony: Married.

Miles: I guess I have a girlfriend but its hard to define cause I am on the road a long long time and we met as I was leaving town. We have a relationship but its an open relationship

Suzibegonia : What was it like working with McG as a director? Do you think your video looks like other McG videos?

Fastball: Miles: to a degree, but Tony talked him outta doing the whole McG experience.

Tony: It does have his signature on it. But he needed to break out of something. This video is a departure from his normal fare.

Miles: Its no mystery why he is so successful.

Fastball: He is so positive. So up beat. So talented.

Lyma_Beyeyn : Who are your idols?

Fastball: Miles: People over 5'8

Amanda_ThE_AmAzInG_TaLkInG_KoW__ : What do you think of the Backstreet Boys?

Tony: We donít think about them

Fastball: Miles: They remind me of Color Me Bad. Its like El Nino. Every 4/5 years there is some new boy band. They have no instruments and they dance on stage with chairs.

HeroOfTheDay83 : Do you go on the net often??

Fastball: Tony: I go on the net 4-5 nights a week. Its good when you are on tour. You are entertained. I find out really interesting stuff, like a single of ours released only in the UK is available in America.

CrackWorld_Slacker : What are your favorite TV shows?

Fastball: Miles: I donít have a favorite I donít really watch TV.

Tony: Last night I watched a really good Seinfeld re -run. That was a well written show. If such a thing exists in the US.

GoddessOfWeird : If you were stranded on a deserted island what one thing would you want to bring with you?

Fastball: Miles: Water.

Tony: Me too.

Gwyn369 : Do you guys get mobbed wherever you go, or is life still pretty normal for you guys?

Fastball: Miles: Life is still pretty normal so far thank God!

Mc_pimpalicious : I'm from Austin also, but moved away about a yr. ago. What were yall called before Fastball?

Fastball: We were called Magnito USA.

GoddessOfWeird : Do you ever get to meet and hang out with your fans?

Fastball: Tony: a lot! We are fans of our fans. The people who establish fan/artist relationship with us we welcome with open arms when we go to their towns. I have friends all over the country now.

GoddessOfWeird : Do you drink and smoke?

Fastball: Miles: I like to have a good beer or a good cocktail as opposed to cheap whatever. There are times when there is a cooler full of Budweiser and I drink nothing. I donít drink to get drunk. I think of it as a pleasurable experience. Good red wine is the best!

BeachyBabe_BPM : What do you think of Hanson?

Fastball: Tony: see the Backstreet Boys question.

Miles: Hanson can play and sing. There is more going on there. I am frightened of children that are that ambitious. They remind me of gymnasts. The parents are behind them pushing them at a non normal rate. Michael Jackson is a perfect example

Juliet12f : How far has a fan gone to get to meet you? Do you know?

Fastball: Miles: So far its been pretty mellow.

Tony: Someone held a note up to me the other day that said "I wanna do you." Unfortunately it was a man.

Bomb420_98 : What bands are you friends with?

Fastball: Tony: Everclear and Marcy Playground. I also have friends in Cali that I love called Filmstar they have an album coming out.

Miles: I like Dieselhead and Spoon. We hang out with the people we work with and that is it

BlueJWay : What's the best city you've played in so far?

Fastball: Miles: Birmingham Al, Fargo, ND. Its not about the town. Its about the audience. You donít see the town you see your hotel/motel and the backstage.

Tony: Montreal. Any Canadian city they are all big Fastball fans. We love the mellow Canadian attitude. They donít project hard objects at us at high speeds.

Kindre2933 : Did you always know that you wanted to be a musician. If not, what else did you want to be?

Fastball: Tony: I wanted to be a truck driver and a deep sea fisherman. But then I decided that I wanted to be a musician when I was 10.

Miles: I originally wanted to be a priest till I found out about their lifestyle.

Johnny_boffo : What kind of jobs did you have before your music took off?

Fastball: Tony: I was a bagel baker. I worked every day at a bagel bakery

Miles: I was an extra in Hollywood. I was on Chicago Hope and The Practice. I was juror #6 in the one where the porn queen strangles her husband.

Doodgey : Have you ever been to your fansites on the web?

Fastball: Tony: Yes in fact our fans do a better job at making a website than the record company. So keep up the good work

Miles: I do go to the sites and if you need info, I may respond. I care about our fans a lot. I am flattered that they take the time to do that.

Gwyn369 : Are you guys going to start a tour soon?

Fastball: Yeah, it will be in the fall. We are pretty keen on headlining. Its nice to know everyone is sticking around to see you. Its fun to open if you like the other bands

Amanda_ThE_AmAzInG_TaLkInG_KoW__ : What do you think of Geri Leaving the SPICE GIRLS?

Fastball: Miles: I think she should think about Julie from the Loveboat. Julie left over a salary dispute.

Tony: I think its good they sorta trimmed the fat a little.

Miles: maybe they can just get down to 3 people. Then they can turn into Genesis.

Miles: They need to take a few years off and go to Berkley school of music. They need to bring back Prague rock. They need to redo The Lamb Lays Down On Broadway" girl power style.

Ballbrekrr : What is it like being on the HORDE Tour?

Fastball:Tony: Wont know till we get there.

Kris_lauren : What do you guys do for fun?

Fastball: Tony: I like to skate. I like to work on music listen to music everything I do is geared towards my job.. except skating.

Miles: I like oceans and sleeping really late . Sitting still feels really good. Simple things are really rewarding.

SloMo79 : What groups do you like today?

Fastball: Miles: I like Spoon, Waylon Jennings, The Birthday Party, Tom Waits and Frank Sinatra.

Tony: The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Filmstar, Urbal Beats 2, Wendy James (from Transvision Vamp) its all Elvis Costello covers. Los Amigos Invisibles and we also like Cafe De Cuba.

Bfurr: What is the biggest 'perk' of being in the music industry?

Fastball: Tony: Most of the people in the industry donít make any money. I mean the musicianís for us its having a hit record. Otherwise its all liability you pay money if you donít have a hit.

Bfurr : Did Tom Cruise's stunt double really jump off the roof in the video?

Fastball: Yes he did.

Sunstream_ : Tony, I have a pic of you and me on my wall from when I saw you on the phone in San Francisco. How do you and Miles decide who sings each song?

Fastball: The ones I write I sing. And the ones Miles writes he sings. One day I hope to write Miles a song and that he will sing it.

Amanda_ThE_AmAzInG_TaLkInG_KoW__ : Do you ever get flashed from the audience or get undies thrown at you guys?

Fastball: Yes underwear, sunglasses, rocks, cups, ice shirts.

Yoocamel : Are you guys planing to come Japan sooner or later?

Joey: We are going in February.

Tuskin_2000 : Do you ever get hate mail?

Fastball: Tony: I never get any mail.

Joey: Who could possibly hate us?

GoatBoy234 : If you had to kill a prominent celebrity to save the band and no one would know about it, who would it be?

Fastball: Tony: That sounds like a drug induced question.

Joey: I donít want to kill anybody.

Adidas_cali_gal : Are you ever going to be guests on LOVE LINE? If so when?

Fastball: Tony: We were. In March. The radio show not the MTV version.

Nikki_2395 : Do you guys have anything pierced?

Fastball: Tony: I donít.

Joey: No sorry to disappoint you.

Tony: I have 3 tattoos.

Joey: I have lots of toe jam.

Blink_420 : You guys going to be performing at Endfest this year?

Fastball: Yes, I think we are playing tomorrow in Seattle. So yes I am pretty sure it is.

Rael_NYC : What do you think about Jerry Springer?

Fastball: Joey: Garbage.

Tony: Its garbage and I admit to watching it.

Wild_thang_14_98 : Whatís your favorite song you wrote?

Fastball: Tony: The Way.

Angelwings_2 : What's been one of the best things that has happened to you since your album and The Way went big?

Fastball: Tony: I get to justify to myself being in front of a large amount of people playing my music.

Princess_Buttercup_00 : Do you guys plan on getting involved with something like the Tibetan Freedom Concert??

Fastball: We donít plan on it. We would welcome any opportunity to do something like that.

Darkangel51 : Whatís your number 1 goal as a band??

Fastball: Joey: World conquest.

FastballIsMyFavoriteBand : Lots of women singers are dominating the charts. What do you think if this, you being an all male band?

Fastball: Tony: Its great.

Joey: There is plenty of room for all of us.

SnagglepussAttackedMyGrandma : What do you think about the movie Titanic? Personally I haven't seen it and don't plan to...

Fastball: Joey: I loved it.

Tony: I saw it twice. It looked good. It sounded good. I think it had the same effect on me that everyone else who liked it.

Angelwings_2 :Wwhat do you think are the worst influences on kids today?

Fastball: Tony: #1 Television.

Joey: The availability of guns and drugs.

Tony: The whole pervasive American attitude that you have to chase the dollar or you are a failure. Being happy should be more important to all of us then we move on from there.

Bassgrrl_98 : Are you fans of British music or TV?

Fastball: Tony: I am. I like the television to. I am a big AB Fab fan. Monty Python it was all brilliant. I referred to that when I was talking about Seinfeld. They seem to have a great bunch of talent there. They really support their artists in a way that you can feel in the UK. They know what they are listening to.

Fastball: Tony: I would like to say thanks for your time and consideration. Its been enjoyable afternoon conversation. Hope to talk to all of you soon FASTBALL signing off.

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